stuff begets stuff

Half a day off from my two jobs, so I thought I’d get some things done.

I’ve finally put away the crafts. They’ve been overrunning the kitchen, for how long? I’m thinking since about February. I get going on a project and have a hard time actually finishing and putting things back where they belong. And I’ll think something is darling, buy the stuff to make six of them, only make one of them, and let the other things pile up. Oh how I need to get organized!

[Side bar here. I do crafts to make gifts for weddings and birthdays. I think I’m saving a bunch of money because I can buy something at Quilted Bear for $30 and make my own verson of it for $10. But when you factor in that I buy mateials to make six of them — $60, I’d really be better off just buying one at QB in the first place.]

I know. I’ve done the math hundreds of times!

But today I’ve sorted, boxed, zip-locked and toted several piles that were leaning up againt the walls in the kitchen and between the hutch and piano. Now they are stacked in the basement, not much neater, but at least out of sight.



That’s the story of the basement!

There is no livable space down there. I always dreamed of a couple extra bedrooms in the basement along with a big family room, a carpeted play area under the stairs with chalk-board walls for the kids, a sewing room and a laundry room. When we built thirty some-odd years ago the neighbors all said, “Don’t build a basement. We all have ground water around here and it will seep it.” My then husband ignored all that friendly advice and sunk the basement down about five feet. Sure enough, water seeped in and continues every single summer. I hate it. There is mold, cracked cement walls, ruined drywall, decaying wood, you name it. It’s happened here. So now it’s my craft storage place. [If I remember correctly, Scott said it may be a violation of the health code down there . . and he’s probably right.]

And I have about three thousand in food storage. Probably not the best place to store my potato pearls.

Ah, well,

The kitchen is cleaned, the bedroom is cleaned. Now I’ve got the bathroom and I’m all set for company.

I’d love to be the kind of woman who keeps things clean instead of trying to catch up. But after cleaning at the school for over twenty years I find it hard to come home after an eight or nine hour shift and really want to roll up my sleeves at home too. Sorry.

For today, though, things are respectable.

I’ve been watching Julie and Julia during the cleaning phase of my day and have loved, once again, Meryl Streep! What an amazing and talented actress. She can pull off any role. I remember in my youth watching the original Julia Child and Meryl’s got it down perfectly! The entire movie I kept thinking my Mother would have love this!

Scott and Andie will be here about nine tonight and we’re all headed to Logan in the morning. On the way I’m stopping at Heather’s to pick up all the vinyl she cut for me. Remember the Bloom blocks?


Yah, that’s where I’m heading. I can hardly wait! They are so stinking cute!

Come to think of it, that means another mess and another six projects. Actually I ordered around twenty projects from her and that means I need kitchen space.

Good thing I just got all the other stuff put away today. Now on to another cute project.

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