I’ve thought so much about my sister this past week. She finally said the C word. Before she was saying the T word and so I went with the T word. I didn’t know she had the C word.

Cancer scares me to death. I’ve thought philosophically about it many times. I’ve thought two things:

1.  Life causes Cancer

2.  We all have cancer, it’s just a matter of time.

The first close person I remember was my Dad. He had skin cancer when I was young and then, later, prostrate. I remember him joking about the size of his shrunken pe***.  He said with all the female hormones he had to take he couldn’t even p** in a cup. I surely had no idea what he was talking about! I was so embarrassed. Next was brother-in-law, John, then Mel, John D, Rick, Kevin, and now my sister.

I’m scared. Scared for her. Scared for me.

I have so many friends, too, who have fought this battle. Pat, Teena, Patty, Charlene, Anna, Dave, Tam. But now when I see the list. They are still here, living normal lives, leading normal lives.

That’s encouraging. That’s wonderful.

Mikelle asked me what she could do to not get cancer. I tried to tell her about broccoli and cauliflower. I’ve heard they are the body’s broom, sweeping out cancer-causing problems. I told her what I know about sugar, that it “feeds” cancer. But I realized, I honestly don’t know. Gary Poore’s wife, Karon, died of lung cancer and has never smoked a cigarette in her life!

It’s hideous!

Most of my prayers right now are for Louise. As I posted way back on November 8th, #22.  I give most of the credit to my sister, Louise, that I grew up safe and almost sane. She took care of me most of my young life! She’s a great example to me. She has been the rock in our family. She’s worked hard her whole life and given, given, given. Her own family [children and grandchildren . . . and great grandchildren!]  has been blessed by her devotion, her faith, and her generosity.

Love you sister! Take care. Blessings. Prayers!

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  1. camille

    I did not know that Aunt Louise’s condition was so serious. We will add her to our prayers. I know that I have tried to live in a world of denial for years (regarding my health) I have been obese for years, but have told myself that since I can work all day in the sun and heft a 50 lb feed bag, I have extremely low blood pressure, and pulse, etc. etc., that I could not possibly develop diabetes, heart disease, or even cancer. Over the years I have tried to (painfully) ignore/hide the fact that I cannot do what I once could and pretend that I am just as healthy as I always was. But at Christmas, when I discovered my blood sugar was MUCH too high I forced myself to SEE that I was at a cross-roads. I decided that I was no longer willing to pretend.

    Three months and 20 pounds later I have decided to do what I can to give my body the best chance possible. But I hate to admit that I cannot guarantee that I’ll never get cancer or other such conditions.

    I am sad to see so many of my dear aunts, uncles and loved ones having such health problems. I have so many tender memories of them. I am so blessed to be an Earnshaw/Smith/Rollins. Aunt Loise has truly been a great example of love, devotion and service to her family and loved ones. We will pray for her and hope for all of God’s blessings to be upon her.

  2. weighingmatters Post author

    Camille, I talked to Mel today about his cancer and treatment. He said his doctor specifically said that our whole family is likely predisposed to cancer genes. He said that colon and breast cancer are very connected and we should do all screenings a few years earlier than usually recommended. And since food is such a huge part of our upbringing and family traditions, we probably will be more prone to diabetes and cancer than other families. It’s one reason I am so ridiculous about weight and food and preservatives and sugar and additives and dyes and white flour. I slip all the time because I crave all those memories of my childhood that are connected with eating. And, let’s face it, I’m weak and uncommitted many times as well. But for the most part I want my health to be better than my parents. I want to be a better example of eating for my health instead of for my pleasure. Someday I hope they will be the same thing.

  3. weighingmatters Post author

    By the way, I am so stinking proud of you! I am so proud of the way you have handled the last three months. I’m so proud of the choices you are making for your health and wellness. I am proud of the wholeness that is starting to fill your words and your thoughts and actions. And look at what you have accomplished with school, family, church and work!

    W.O.W. !

    And by the way, again. I don’t think I’ve ever used capital letters with periods before!

  4. camille

    Thank you so much! Each time I fit into a new size I buy a few new pair of jeans and ditch the old ones, so I forget how much I’ve lost in terms of size (side profile) and end up becoming discouraged because I had hoped to have lost 40+ by now. I have a hard time being proud of myself, because whatever my ‘accomplishments’ are, they never seem ‘good enough’ to be proud.

    Your info about the cancer and diabetes is not exactly what I’d like to be hearing, but I guess it is better to be aware than ignorant.

  5. camille

    BTW…tomorrow the gals on night-shift at the nursing home are starting a 10 week Biggest Loser contest (They wanted to wait until after Easter –LOL.) I am planning to give them a RUN for their money! I am literally going to start running tomorrow, after I buy some shoes! By running, I mean slightly faster than speed walking, very carefully not jarring my knees and ankles.

    You mentioned you’d like a little competition for your last 5 lbs by 1 yr., I think that Tam and I are up for it…..Tracy too?

  6. Tami

    Oh man… Ya, I’m up for it. I am just finally starting now. Jace is already 8 weeks old and I’ve still until just the last few days – been making poor choices on eating and everything. I’m going now! This weekend I got tons of exercise (painting my house – up and down the ladder, lol). I’m finally on my way with our competition, Camille :)

  7. camille

    Tam…”Jace is already 8 weeks old and………just finally starting now.”……Abigail is 20 months old, and I am just finally starting (a few months ago)….You and I are starting at roughly the same weight and I seem to have plateaued……..I am going to have to work very hard to be competitive with you. One good thing though…I have nearly perfect will power (regarding food and exercise), when I choose to. (Obviously I haven’t chosen to for a long time until recently.)

    Dorothy, do you see what has happened? Your [square] parentheses have given us all license to become (blatant) parenthetcal staters. (Whereas, before I would have tried to cut back on such heavy use of parentheses, now I delight in it and even find it quite amusing, hoping you all ‘get’ the humor)….don’t think I could ever use [square] ones though. They kind of freak me out.

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