I’ve been working from 5 t0 10 a.m. at the school and then going to Census training from 10 to 7:30 p.m. Plain tuckered.

The only thing I’ve managed is two batches of laundry and one batch of dishes in two days.

We have a group of ten. I’m not proud of myself for noticing right off, but here’s what I see. Besides seeing people and individuals and actually even liking and respecting them, I see three thin people. Then there are two who are pudgy, probably about twenty pounds over a good weight for themselves. And five obese people.

Interesting. It is pretty close to the national stats of 65% obese in America. Just a random group of people in a public gathering, and we’re right on the numbers.

Then I started noticing what they brought to eat. There are pork rinds, chips, pop galore, lots of DIET pop, a few waters. I saw french fries, hey, some Kashi whole grain crackers, and some Taco Time food. The leader brought dozens of HUGE over-sized chocolate chip muffins. There are other muffins, too: poppy seed, apple, oatmeal raisin, banana nut, but I really noticed the chocolate chips ones. I kept my distance though. They are the size of a small wagon!

I took veggies, water, oranges, apples, bananas. I tried to be discreet. I didn’t want to be obvious or noticeable, and even sat at a table by myself off to the right. A couple of girls commented, though, about me bringing “health food.”

The girls who sits right next to me keeps talking about being on a diet. I asked her what she was doing and she said, “Sort of a Slim Fast Diet.” She said she has a shake in the morning, a bar for a snack, repeats that for lunch and afternoon and then has a five-hundred calorie meal for dinner. She said she lost 15 pounds in a week around Christmas but then gained it all back when she quit. Now she just started over again this week. But I’m here to tell you [like you even care!] she eats about six bars a day and had the chocolate chip muffin. Two of them so far this week. She has jerky and a TON of pop. I also saw salt-water taffy going on over at her table.


I recognize that kind of denial!

The other really obese girl drinks water all day long. I’ve never even seen her put so much as a piece of gum in her mouth.

Yup. Been there done both.

I feel bad for them because I know that kind of  “dieting” doesn’t work. At least it doesn’t for me. I guess we all have to figure that out for ourselves, though.

I ate a lot of good fresh raw food all day long and didn’t gain an ounce! Ran home both days for lunch and had two veggie burritos. Had Bruce’s/frozen fruit /yogurt/ walnuts for dinners and breakfasts. Still 141 and loving it! Going on a week now. Lots of exercise and commitment going on here. I don’t understand why right now. It’s a conundrum.

[There are lots of comments on my last post that are quite insightful.]