crew leader assistant

Took the final test today for my part-time Census Bureau job as an enumerator. Got the second highest score in the room! Yup. Missed two. And one of them, when I explained the way it was written was faulty and open to interpretation, was marked half right.

So here I am! Ready to roll!

I’ll be an assistant to the crew leader, meaning my job description changed mid-stream, but I’m good to go. I’m excited to earn a little money and get it put away into savings. And I look forward to being busy in the evenings.

Just one more thing to check off the bucket list. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to work for the Feds.

[Oh my heck you wouldn’t have believed the food that came into the room this morning! One guy, seriously, ate two sleeves of Ritz crackers and a huge Maverik cinnamon roll and two diet Dr. Peppers for breakfast! And the gal next to me ate four of those little 100-calorie cookies snacks, [hello! that’s four hundred calories right there!] two huge 48 oz. mugs of diet Pepsi, two Slim Fast bars, a pudding and a blue-lid yogurt. When she came back from lunch she had two more mugs, some brocolli [why the heck bother with broccoli now?] and two of those ginormous square ice cream bars –the Klondikes!]

It’s been a long time since I was confined in a room for ten hours a day with people who had to bring their snacks and lunch for a whole day. Very telling.

But, do those people not know that people like me are blogging?