i love monday.

this morning i woke up well. it was a little before four. i must have slept soundly because i felt so good. first thing i noticed was i didn’t have the usual morning bags under my eyes. i showered and dressed then did dishes and laundry. i got to work ten minutes early and exercised for twenty.

monday is my favorite day. monday is the perfect day. monday is often a misunderstood day and has been the butt of jokes for decades. mondays have been maligned. mondays have been taken for granted. mondays have been treated poorly. to me, however,

monday is

starting over
seeing clearly
monday is my day

monday comes right after the day of rest so it naturally follows that it’s a day of feeling brand new. this monday, today, comes after a week of spring break so it is especially a feel-good day.

i’ve visited with my children and grandchildren. scott and andie were here last weekend for three days. then i drove to rigby for five days and stayed with tracy’s family. on the way home i decided to go through logan and stay overnight with mikelle and logan. i got a new haircut from my favorite beautician, had a lovely home-cooked [by logan] dinner and watched a movie with mikelle.

delightful. wondrous. amazing.

i’ve checked off things on my to do list. i’ve eaten pretty dang healthy and i’ve managed to get in some good exercise.

i’m reporting my weight to camille this morning —  141.5.

monday is also a day to reevaluate and put things in perspective for the week. it’s a day to take a step back and look at what’s working and what’s not. it’s a day to choose what’s important to me for the week. it’s a day to let go of things that overwhelm or take away or drag down.

i’m optimistic and determined this morning. i feel like i can do anything. i feel my own value and worth. i want to accomplish something extra this week. something i’ve put off. i know i will find something to turn this energy toward.

i hope you wake up well today and enjoy this brand new day!