[Disclaimer: I’m no expert. In fact quite the opposite is the case. I have suffered my whole life from my [perceived] relationship [or lack of] with my father. And, consequently, I know I was not a good nurturing mother to my own children. I realize many/most of them are dealing with the results of my [basically] single and amateur parenting. That said, I recognize this is similar to taking diet advice from a tubby . . . oh, um, well, yes. We have lots of that here, too.]

Anyhoo . . .

I saw this last fall on a teacher’s desk. It made sense then and it does today. It’s wisdom and logic and love and acceptance.

I saved it for a some reason, and maybe that reason has surfaced. Maybe not. But I offer it from my heart for a moment to think, reflect, breathe, step back, embrace and let go.

To expect honesty, I must be genuine.

To have authority, I must earn respect.

To encourage discipline, I must show compassion.

To foster learning, I must demonstrate knowledge.

To develop creativity, I must practice restraint.

To promote optimism, I must avoid criticism.

To exhibit equality, I must discover individuality.

To support self-worth, I must understand humility.

To open minds, I must open my heart.

Simple, true, universal, timeless.


One thought on “parent/mentor/teacher

  1. tracy

    Good food for thought. I know I am way too critical of my darling…ya know she drives me bonkers! We just did math together for 1 1/2 hours. I don’t understand how she can NOT understand it. It is so simple and makes so much sense. I don’t think she has any left hemisphere activity going on at all…but she doesn’t need my criticism. She needs to know I have hope for her. I know she can do great things…I just don’t always communicate that to her. That is one thing you always communicated to me – that you believed in me and that you knew I was amazing. I believed that because you believed it. I need to do the same for her.

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