right, again

Scott and Andie were here for the weekend. Since I worked 15 hours at our annual Alumni Basketball we didn’t actually spend a lot of time together. We did go to a movie Saturday night, which I dozed in a few times, only to receive a sweet little shake from Andie [wake up!] And we watched General Conference on Sunday and had chicken alfredo dinner.

Scott washed some of his clothes [from the cruise] but didn’t actually check the water level on the washer. I heard the commotion and the struggling washer from where I was at the computer and yelled up, “Did you check the water level?” He said, “What are you saying?” I ran to the washer and turned it up to Extra Large. He said “Do I have too many clothes in there?” “Yah!”

A few minutes later he was on the landing, just five steps up from where I have my computer. He started to mimic until I laughted outloud. Hands on hips and a higher voice, he pretended it was me, blogging about the whole thing. “I like it when the kids come home, except when they forget to check the water level on the washer. . . ”

And he’s right. I did blog about it!

Every time he is here he makes fun of me. Maybe I do blog about everything and anything and nothing, many senseless and needless topics . . . and some days, naught . . . just rambling. He gives me a clearer picture of how many hours I’ve spent talking about my weight struggles. He lets me know there are other important, fun, interesting, meaningful things I could post about. And he’s right.

As soon as I get this weight thing under control . . .