7 days make a habit, or is it 21?

I’ve been following Habithacker ever since I saw Jessica recommend it on Tracy’ blog, wetoatmealkisses. And I gotta say, after three days, I’m still intrigued.

First day, all I needed to do was get some sunshine. Easy enough! She says even five minutes outside will make your outlook sunnier. Hey, I worked outside for longer than that! I had been on the football field most of Wednesday and then I mowed our yard so I’m certain I got my sun for the day. I also started taking CATAPLEX D. So I’m feeling great about step #1. [Also taking CATALYN and Calcium Lactate.]

Second day, she recommended that I “do my do” or in other words, get ready for the day. No more slouching around in sweats, pony tail and hubbie’s T shirt. As if I would ever do that anyway! [Although I did put my hair in a pony tail one day at Green River Lakes, and sure enough, I felt like a slob!] I usually get ready every single day, but there have been a few Saturdays I’ve slept ’til noon and looked like a hobo most of the day. So, no more of that. She says if you already get dressed up, do something extra for the day. Even if it’s just adding earrings or a necklace. Do something more than I’m doing. So, I dressed up and felt good about it. I refreshed my makeup throughout the day and tried to walk taller. I paid attention to my appearance.

Third day, she said take a walk. Eleven minutes is the perfect time for starters. I just now finished and I gotta say, I feel great. Not that I haven’t walked at least eleven minutes before. There were years I ran 6 miles every single day. I exercised until I was rock hard and weighed 115. But, alas, that hasn’t happened for a few decades, so I’m back on board with getting back into some kind of routine. And starting tomorrow morning [first day of school around these parts, I plan to get a twenty minute or so exercise thing going every day.]

Then I noticed that she said, don’t forget to do steps one and two again. OHHHHH! Each day I will be adding something — but I continue to do all of the steps before, as well. I didn’t notice that before, but sure enough, I went back and looked and yesterday it said to get sunshine AND put on earrings and lip gloss!

I can see I’m going to need to pay attention!

For tomorrow, she threw out a teaser and said,

“I’m not going to pretend lifestyle changes come easily.  But there is one thing you can do that won’t require you to exercise or change your diet. And it’s the thing, study after study, to be the best predictor of weight loss. Intrigued? We’ll tell you more tomorrow.”

Hello! Do you think for a minute I’m going to miss tomorrow’s habithacker? No way! I’m hooked! It just feels good to be focused on something! Anything! I’m sure that’s the point. In fact, she states, “Habithacker is a free service designed to get your habits and routines on autopilot…so you’ll have more time for creative endeavors. Habithacker helps you tie up the loose ends of life. You simply subscribe to my free web feeds in whatever category interests you.”

Simple enough.

I’ll be posting on here [’cause Lord knows I need something new to distract me!] from time to time how it’s going, but in the meantime, I highly recommend that you take a look at her site and subscribe [it’s free!] to any of her three categories: your artistic life, your domestic life, or your health.

3 thoughts on “7 days make a habit, or is it 21?

  1. tracy

    Wowsers…I didn’t know you were getting her emails! Kat is also…and loving it. I haven’t subscribed yet. Perhaps I will…but I need help in all three areas!

  2. weighingmatters Post author

    Well, I just started. I couldn’t do all three at once, and it’s a 90 day process. But I’m liking it so far and it gives me focus. SO . . . we’ll see if I can keep motivated. Not sure it deserves a WOWSERS, though! :]

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