it’s a start

I’ve loved eating this past week. It has been good, healthy food. And, even when I’ve had a snack attack or a major case of the munchies I went to healthier food options and I’ve been dearly rewarded. First of all, I’ve been exercising a little. Not much for sure! I’m still not in the mindset of really taking care of myself but I’ve been making little changes — little improvements — and I can feel a difference. Walking has been wonderful and I can feel little moments of commitment being reestablished.

I filled up my fridge and cupboards with good food the last two shopping trips. I’ve got smoothie stuff, healthy chips, three-bean salad, yams and cottage cheese. I’ve been having Adkins coconut bars for a snack once in a while. I’ve also been eating lots of plain yogurt with raspberries and a sprinkling of granola. Scrambled eggs in a whole wheat wrap have been a life saver. I love a little mild salsa on top. Orville Redenbaucher Smart popcorn is on the snack shelf for those times when I want to munch on something. And I have somehow been able to stay out of the hubster’s stash of really crappy food. Every week he buys 3-4 boxes of Little Debbie snacks. He has Dreyers ice cream in the freezer — not just one, but usually two half gallons. He has chocolate milk and Oreos and Pecan Sandies on top of the fridge.

It’s a start. And starting tomorrow I’m going to be doing 21-days of meditation with Oprah and Deepak. I don’t know much about it or them, but I’m really needing some meditation in my life. Oh, Wait — I know some wouldn’t approve. But it’s, again, a start.  Here’s what caught my eye:

Join us on March 11 for a transformational three-week guided meditation journey toward the triad of whole wellness—mind, body, and spirit. In our interactive online program, we invite you to meditate and journal with us each day to embrace the vision of your best self, expand your understanding of your miraculous body, and achieve greater balance and wellbeing.

Sounds pretty good to me. the other day I was beating myself up for something and thought, I really need some good affirmations – – something positive to self talk about. I was having a minor breakdown and needed some light and peace.  So when I saw this, I jumped at it.

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