high on being high

It’s got to have been one of the most spiritual moments of my life! Saturday at the Idaho Falls Temple was a one-of-a-kind kind of day. What made it special? Well, Chris Hale took out her own endowment. [I don’t know why it is called that . . . that’s is such an odd phrase.] There were lots of Hales there to show support and love.  But what really had my spiritual nerves tingling is what happened afterward in the sealing room just off to the side of the Celestial room.

The sealer was absolutely amazing. He was so sensitive and sweet and concerned and just totally in-tune with the entire moment. He was interested in Tracy’s obsession with Barry’s family history. He asked thoughtful and searching questions. He counseled us. He gave insights. He admonished and gave advice. He gave direction. And he cried. Oh, my goodness, he cried!

He could see how involved Tracy has become with these people. He could see how I was affected by her complete devotion to these people she has never met. Never known. He could see her love for them. And he made it such a special experience for us.

Not only that, though. He said something so completely amazing. He said that he was having a hard time keeping all of the temporal papers organized and straight because of all of the other things that were going on in the room. He could sense a whole lot of extra people there with us. He seemed to be completely aware of another sphere. It was incredible.

I’ve had so many wonderful temple experiences this past year. I’m not sure I can even describe adequately how it has changed my life. I had no idea all of these special moments were available to someone as imperfect as I am. And, I wouldn’t ever, ever trade any of it for all the money in the world. It’s been priceless!