Becky’s faith

Tracy has been telling me for a month or so about this amazing quote that her friend Becky says. So, when I was at her house last week I asked her to get that quote so that I could use it in a craft, or a little sign on the fridge, or something. Today I finally called Becky myself and had a delightful conversation with her.

Apparently there is no quote. But there are oodles of thoughts and ideas and beliefs that contribute to the non-quote. It goes like this. . .

I may not ever have complete total truth, complete total knowledge, complete total faith. I will never have writing in the sky about what is and what isn’t. I may not have every single answer and I might have some doubts and fears. But I CHOOSE FAITH! I choose to live by faith! Faith is a conscious choice that I make every day. It’s a choice I make with every challenge. Faith is how I have chosen to live my life, to recognize direction, to make decisions.

I choose faith! I deliberately choose faith! The blessings that have come testify to the correctness of that choice. In time our faith becomes knowledge as we see with absolute certainty the fruits of our faith. I’m so grateful. 

I could spend waste my whole life thinking that I don’t have enough faith because I’ve been waiting for ‘absolute’ faith. But I know I have enough faith to choose faith.

What else is there? What is life without faith? Not knowing. Darkness. Confusion. Temptations. Unhappiness. Discontent. Misery. Contention. No answers. No hope. Given the alternative, I choose faith!

I choose faith!

One thought on “Becky’s faith

  1. tracy

    Ooooh, I am so glad you called her and got right to the source! Becky is one amazing gal and I love being inspired by her each month at our colloquium.

    I choose faith as well.

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