I got a lot done yesterday, even though it doesn’t show much. First of all I slept in Saturday morning until 9:00! It has been an overwhelmingly busy, straining, crazy two weeks. At work we cleaned 20 rooms from top to bottom in eight work days. I have shampooed so many carpets that my right arm and shoulder ache like I got hit there with a 90-mile an hour baseball pitch. I’ve cleaned lights, cleaned display/trophy cases, scrubbed and waxed floors, cleaned desks [including all the gum and swear words] and even checked the building a couple of evenings.

So I slept in.

But then I got up and got busy with things that need done here. I cleaned the kitchen and living room. I took down all my SPRING crafts and put up more Summertime and Patriotic things. I cleaned the bathroom and washed all my curtains, rugs, scrubbed the bathtub and toilet. Then I scrubbed the floor. I don’t do that very often!

Patriotic corner all done


But here’s what I really should have been doing . . . I have been sleeping in this bed with stuff piled all over it for over a month.


or this . . .


My bedroom has been a disaster for several months! I keep the door closed.


This has, seriously, been here since December. I don’t know what is the matter with me.

I need to do things a whole lot better. My house is kind of a metaphor for my life. I heard that our basements really are ‘who we are’ and I cringe thinking about that. Knowing about that. Sheesh. I won’t put a picture of my basement on here, but these stairs, seriously are a lot better than the basement. Know that! I usually keep the kitchen and living room presentable. Not spotless or perfect, but I wouldn’t die of embarrassment if someone dropped in. But, let’s just say I’d rather buy a brand new washer or dryer than have a repair man have to go down to the basement.

And, speaking of priorities. What’s with my eating? I totally ate well — all out dieted — for six weeks and lost 10 pounds. I’m really feeling so much better. Fitting into some clothes I haven’t worn for a while, loving the old belt-notches moving down four holes, but last night I ate two dozen Oreos right before bed. Oh, wait. Hang on! You think I’m exaggerating, right? No, 24 cookies at 10:30 last night. UGH! Yes, I counted them! Of course I counted!

Here’s more priorities. Every time I go to Tracy’s ward I see these listed on their bulletin. A few years ago I decided to make their priorities MY priorities. These are the East Rigby Eight.

Personal prayers morning and night
Family prayers
Personal scripture study
Family scripture study
Faithfully do visiting and/or home teaching every month
Attend the temple often
Attend sacrament meeting
Weekly Family Home evening

I did well for several months, and now I’m back to mediocre. The things that are really, really important, like keeping a clean house [including a safe staircase], eating healthy and exercising and doing my church responsibilities should come easy, but I struggle with them every single day. Things that aren’t the least bit important come so dang easy to me! Playing lots of games on the iPAD, watching a bunch of shows, wasting time on Facebook, sabotaging my healthy eating plan.

And today. Today is Fathers Day. Mikelle and Logan and the Mister have been planning on going to early church [9:00, Urie Ward] and then heading up to Bridger Lake for the day. I’ve had mixed feelings for a week. I’m not big on going to the mountains on Sunday. Heck, I’m not big on Fathers Day! But family is the most important thing, right? I’m so conflicted. I want to support Mikelle and Logan and Leonard. I don’t want to be this super fake pious hypocrite.

I mean, I would water the lawn, clean the house, do laundry or dishes on Sunday, but I don’t want to be ‘seen’ in the mountains or the grocery store shopping for the mountains.

OK. This has been a lot of personal, too personal, stuff and now I’m feeling like a failure. I’ve got to do better than this. I thought all of this writing was supposed to be therapeutic! [Now I feel like eating.]

It’s all somehow connected in the most bizarre way!

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  1. jessica

    Hint: we have edited our Rigby East 8 to be the Rigby East 9. We decided a strengthening pillar in our family would be to add:

    9. Take Sunday naps.

    That way, even if you fall off the wagon on the others, you’re always accomplishing something! And? Naps are good. So, so good.

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