andie’s advice

I’ve been sitting at the computer for, roughly, three hours. I cleaned out my entire email inbox as well as the junk folder. I updated some information for GoDaddy. I played games on the iPAD and browsed Facebook. I’ve checked out the new Sunday School lessons for 2014 and Meridian Magazine. I’ve thought of writing to each of my eight siblings and wishing the best of the New Year. I’ve thought of calling a few people that I haven’t talked to for years. And, every single time I sit here I think about posting and I talk myself right out of it. Obviously. I just checked my last post and it was six weeks ago. I equate this blog with my weight and sheesh! I don’t know when I’ve ever felt so miserable about it. Wait. I WAS on a roll. I had exercised eight days in a row, starting on the 20th of December. I was starting to feel great and starting to see some measurable differences and then I made poppy seed bread. Oh, my good heck I am such a failure! But I am going to take Andie’s advice and just write about something else!

2 thoughts on “andie’s advice

  1. tracy

    YES! Write about joys, sorrows, discoveries, crafts, grandchildren, cleaning, miracles, faith, love, work, laughter, leggings (haha), Old Testament, etc.

    Love to read your thoughts!

  2. jessica

    Hey, I just wrote about poop. My epic septic tank post is scheduled to publish at six a.m. So what I’m saying is, there are lots of things to write about, and they’re probably WAY BETTER than poop. :o)

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