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it’s sunday, again and i’ve got a minute

It’s Sunday, again. Yes, it comes once a week. I know. [Not nearly enough!] It’s the only day I force myself to slow down a little. But today, this Sunday, I wasn’t able to slow down much. We had Ward Conferences in the Lyman building for three wards today, starting at 7 a.m. Then we […] Read the Rest…



I had to post this! I work with some terribly drama-prone people. Seriously. Holy Cow! The amount of energy expended to either listen to drama, discuss drama, cope with drama, ignore drama, alleviate drama . . .or just dramatize drama . . . I could go on and on. And now I’m actually posting about […] Read the Rest…


more GD

Only a little false doctrine this week. It went fine. The Bishop was there and things were somewhat under control. It seemed as though someone had talked to Brother and Sister E before class because she kept attempting to reign him in and keep the dialog appropriate. I appreciate her so much. Such a sweet, […] Read the Rest…

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