it’s a ten!

I wanted to post on Thursday, like Tracy did [does] about her Thankful Thursdays. I’ve been wanting to do this for over a year, but didn’t really want to steal or borrow her cute post title and copy what she’s been doing. At the same time, I tried for a long, long time to come up with something catchy, too. I kept coming up short. Waaaaaaaaay short. I thought about Monday Musings, Tuesday Tumblings, Wednesday Wonders. Seriously? I am way more creative and clever than that, so I just put it on the back burner. But then last Sunday I mentioned Tracy’s Thankful Thursday post in our Relief Society lesson and I recognize how life-changing it can be to focus on the positive and center on what we are grateful for. I try, occasionally, to express a thankful prayer and only speak to Father about those things that mean the very most to me. And I have spend time, for instance while driving, thinking about all that I have been blessed with. Sometimes I think I can list ten. But then I get to twenty and am amazed all over again how truly good my life is. You know. Relatively. Comparatively.

I mean, I know I don’t have a wonderful, beautiful home with all sorts of fruit trees, a manicured yard, a delightful and fun relationship with the hubster, and perfection in any part of my life. I know that. I can’t imagine being able to re-do a tub or tile or even change a doorknob. And I sure can’t imagine working side-by-side with Hubst on any meaningful house-improvement project. But I have other really good things! I don’t have exceptionally close friends [I push people away, you know . . .] but I have other good things. My basement is a shipwreck, but I have other good things. Right?

Alrighty! That was just a teensy bit depressing!

Tracy mentioned that a desirable action toward building and maintaining happiness is to say out loud ten things we are grateful for each day. And I have been doing that since I read her post.

Today it’s this: the scriptures, safe travels, a [relatively] healthy [albeit, overweight] body, very nice people at Deseret Book, a sweet visit with Renita, creamy cauliflower soup, Taggart’s Grill in Morgan Canyon, substitute teachers in GD class, temples, and my children.

Yep! I feel happiness heading my way!

I am also thankful for the forgiveness that has been granted me this past week when I totally got upset about a couple of things and was actually quite guilty of lashing out at a loved one.

I am very grateful for quiet, alone time that helps me refresh, refocus, realign my thoughts and actions.

I am thankful for good/great commentaries on the Old Testament!

And for a new printer that is pretty much ready for use if I could only figure out what I need to do.

Wait. And my new Bosu. Love that!


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  1. jessica

    Oh hey! Thankful Thursdays are like a blog-wide thing. Tracy didn’t invent it and you can totally use the post title. Thousands of people post Thankful Thursdays, and Wordless Wednesday (pictures only) posts each week. I’ve also seen tons of Sacred Sabbath posts, and all kinds of other weekly memes. Don’t feel bad about using any one of them!

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