Monthly Archives: April 2014


i feel good, oh I feel so good, uuh!

[That is a cheer I often hear at local high school games . . . it has a distinct rhythm and I love it.] Oh, my goodness. Why don’t I remember this? Why don’t I remember that even just a week of eating healthy and exercising can make a huge difference? I decided before spring […] Read the Rest…


i woke up grumpy

Well, maybe not actually woke up that way, but within a very short time I was grumpy. Grumpy Cat. Me OOOOWWWE! Just this morning I wrote a Grumpy Cat thing on FB about why people  . . . I’ll just get it and copy it here . . . It kind of boggles the mind […] Read the Rest…


peace like a river

Oh, my goodness I feel good! So this is how a person feels when they take care of their spirit and their body!!!!! I, seriously knew this, but I had been neglecting myself for a while. I have exercised four days in a row. Hubs got my bike down out of the garage rafters last […] Read the Rest…