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Keziah was in their annual home school play and Mikelle and I wanted to go see her perform and to visit with Tracy and her cute family. [Side note: the play was aMAYzing!!!]


We left Lyman late Thursday after school and preschool and an inordinate amount of packing. It was dark before we knew it. Snow was flying in a few isolated places. We had had 17 inches of snow the previous week, and now that it was melting, there were inches of slush on the road. Mikelle and I were both tired, and the kids [spelled l.i.n.c.o.l.n] were a little cranky and in need of pretty much constant entertainment and soothing. Mikelle rubbed his feet while I drove. I held him while she drove. We stopped to nurse at Alpine. A half hour later I needed to use the bathroom and we switched places again and I drove.

Long story short . . .

Well, not really . . cause it’s a long story!!

We finally got to Tracy’s after 9:30 . . [plenty tired and ready for bed.] We carried in all of our stuff and I realized I didn’t have my phone. I asked Kez to call and then several other people called, saying it was going straight to voice mail. I thought, sheesh, it must be dead. I’ll never find it. But we took flashlights out and looked in Mikelle’s car . . all along the path into the house, looked in our bags, pockets, out in the car again. Sheesh! Double sheesh, in fact!! I thought back over the past couple of hours and the thought came to me — crystal clear — that it must have fallen out of my pocket when I was peeing along side the road. I remembered that a car was coming up over the hill and I hurried and ‘pulled up everything’ [sorry for all the potty talk.] Richard said, you’ll probably have to get a new phone. There’s no way you’ll find it! I kept thinking over everything and couldn’t dismiss the prompting about where it was. Tracy and I did another halfhearted search and then decided to go look for the phone. Oh, my goodness, I do not do night-driving well, but by this time I was wide awake again, and really felt a strong impression that we could find my phone.

Of course I prayed my heart out!

We drove about 30-35 miles back to where the big log buildings are on the Snake River. Mikelle had remembered a school-like building on the left. I had remembered saying right after starting my last leg of the driving journey that I knew right where we were. Although it was a dark and moonless night, I remembered something familiar and thought it was the big farming area on both sides of the road that I always notice on any given [daytime] trip. It’s one of my favorite sites and never ceases to amaze me. So it had stuck in my mind.

Tracy and I started looking for and stopping at every cleared area where plows had moved snow for a clearing or a turn-off point. We used the headlights and Tracy’s phone flashlight to walk around and examine each place.

Every time, after only a few seconds, I’d say, this isn’t where we were and we’d pile back in and drive another half-mile or mile, depending on how much of a stretch it was to the next possible place. At the 6-7th plowed area I said “Oh my heck! This is where I peed!!! This is totally the place! I remember the little hill where the other car was coming from. Look, there are the tire marks! [I had driven out of the pull-off at a 90 degree angle to the road.] This is totally it!!!”

Things don’t always turn out the way we want them to. The way we need them to. Life’s challenges don’t always get resolved after prayer. Even much prayer. But . . . this time they did!

I angled the headlights to where I thought I had been a couple of hours earlier. Tracy calmly got out of the car, leaned over and picked up my phone. We brushed off the snow, plugged it in and it started charging.

And just like that, we were both witnesses to a miracle!! Tracy shouted, “Praise God!! I believe in a God of Miracles!!” I chimed in and we were two happy, silly, deliriously-jubilant people. I kept saying, I knew it was here!!! I knew it!!!

What are the chances of finding a phone along a 40+ mile stretch of Idaho road in the middle of a dark, moonless night?

So what did I get out of the whole thing? I jumped right to this. Like, immediately! If God loves me enough to help me find my very expensive iPhone, and If God knows where to direct me to find it, and if God takes care of little [BIG] things like that, surely he loves me enough, knows me enough and cares for me enough to direct me in other matters of import. Surely!!

I’ve felt the most wonderful, warm, all-wrapped-up feeling of peace that I’ve ever know. Serious Peace! The kind of peace that seeps through my bones and settles in my heart. The kind of peace that fills my soul. The kind of peace that answers questions and fills voids, [and fills holes] and brings comforting tears. The kind of peace I can’t deny. The kind I don’t ever want to deny!

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