sweet home

People keep asking me what I’m doing now that I’m retired.
Hey, how’s retirement?
What do you do all day?
How’s it going now that you’re not working?
Are you bored?
Are you going to sub for the school?
You better keep busy! No sitting in a rocking chair all day!

I’m not sure they really want to hear the answer . . it’s  more of just a routine hello, how ya doing kind of comment.

Admittedly I have had some days that I was a little worried because it can be boring if I’m not careful.

I have been going to the gym 3-4 times a week.
I pray.
I read the Book of Mormon [President Nelson’s challenge to  read before the end of the year.]
I go to Ogden about 3x a month — Temple and other reasons.
I work on the computer. I love producing the ward bulletin each week.
I go to Institute class on Tuesdays which means I study extensively on Mondays.
I’ve been doing a Betrayal Trauma course online.
I play brain-builder games.
I do laundry and dishes occasionally.
I read. Currently Charles Martin
I help Mikelle with the kiddos.
I go to high school games.
I watch TV.

I was working in the yard 3-4 times a week until it turned cooler. I would like to have one more really warm day to go out and mow up all the leaves all over the yard. That way I can start out fresh next spring. I have loved all the outside work this past summer.

I have loved having this time to myself. Everyday in my prayers I thank Heavenly Father for peace, comfort, quiet, calm, clean air to breath, assurance. It’s been wonderfully relaxing and strengthening and whole. It’s been refreshing, rejuvenating and refilling.

Last weekend Easton was baptized and lots from Logan’s family stayed at Mikelle’s house and Tracy and her family stayed at my house. It was the first time in years, years, that anyone stayed here. I loved every single minute of having company! People haven’t felt welcome. People couldn’t stay here because of the smoke. People couldn’t stay here because of the vibe. And now they can!

I worked most of my life for 52 years and now I am enjoying not getting up at 4:20 and heading out, rain or shine. I’m enjoying not cleaning restrooms and the commons after lunch. I’m enjoying not dealing with student’s. I’m enjoying not shoveling snow and raking up endless piles of leaves around the entrances. I’m enjoying not dealing with two of the employees who constantly had concerns about one another. I’m enjoying not walking on cement floors for 9-hour days. I’m enjoying not setting up for games and events. I’m enjoying not working the craft fair or tournaments or pee-wee wrestling. I’m enjoying not listening to someone who asked the most annoying , intrusive and inappropriate questions. I’m enjoying not cleaning the FACS room with chicken parts down the disposal and piles of junk in every possible spot. I’m enjoying NOT.

I got to go to Oregon for a wonderful event that honored Tracy.

I got to go to Mexico for stem cells and the Tijuana Temple.

I got to ride my bike 3-4 times a week in the early morning sunshine.

So, when people ask Hey, how’s retirement . . I just say . . Good!