dear luna

I’ve been on a quest to write to those who have made a difference in my life, and to thank them for that change.

You, Luna, are right up there at the top of the list.

It seems as long as I can remember I’ve loved finding you every night. I love following all your phases, I call my family and friends to stop what they are doing to run outside to take a look. I know they don’t go, even through they tell me they do. I’m fine with that. I’ve done my part. I have several phase calendars on my computer. I always have a paper calendar with your doings. I check a year ahead when you will show up full during our annual camp out at Green River Lakes. I count it as extra good luck when you are full at a wedding, a doctor’s appointment, an important basketball game. I know you are luck!

More than all of that, I remember who created you. My trust and hope in God grows when I think about you and where you came from. The order of the universe is manifest through you and the sun and the stars.Screen Shot 2021-01-22 at 10.52.18 AM

I have been in terrible places so many times and just walked outside to look at you. To talk to you. To confide in you. You help me feel safe. And sound. You are a trust-worthy constant in my life. Thank you for that and thank you for the peace you’ve brought.

I’m a little worried about the world, our country, the pandemic, my health, money, my children. I know things are going to get rough before they get better. I know you are going to be blood red before it’s all over. I’ll continue to check in each day for stability, consistency, and peace.

If only one of my children/grandchildren would name a baby girl after you!