Who Am I?

A self-proclaimed lifetime dieter, an on-again-off-again health nut, an intermittent exerciser, inconsistent fanatic, unorganized and conflicted crafter and lover of word games, Tetris, Dr. Max and Sudoku — that’s me. I’ve spent  most of my life weighing 10-15 pounds over my weight goal although I managed a Diet Center, currently work for Weight Watchers, and taught Dancercise for several years. I’m the mother of five [physically] grown children, I adore my grandchildren, treasure my testimony, cling to my religion, admire and miss terribly my Mother, tolerate my housekeeping and avoid my basement. I know in my head everything [down to the last detail] what I should do to be healthy, happy, and whole, but frequently fail the followthrough. I love to camp, rise early to catch the sunrise, find the big dipper and Orion every single morning on the way to work, and talk to the moon whenever it is visible. I say, ‘Oh, beautiful, oh there you are, look at YOU, or fantastic job,” as though it hears me and looks forward to our daily dialogs. I fiercely support my daughter’s choices for her life and family. I’m imperfect, inconsistent, intolerant and inadequate in most things, and valiant in a few. I love life, love my family, love my religion, love my country and love my friends [not necessarily in that order on any given day.]

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In the green, 176 pounds, about 5-6 years ago.

On the right, 143 pounds, fall, 2009.