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holy crow it’s november already!

[I have no clue where October disappeared to . . .] Well, my goodness. Here it is November 16! Lots of things have come and gone and I’ve not made even the slightest attempt to write about them. I’d like to say I’ve been consumed with something else of greater import, but, no. I just […] Read the Rest…


i feel good, oh I feel so good, uuh!

[That is a cheer I often hear at local high school games . . . it has a distinct rhythm and I love it.] Oh, my goodness. Why don’t I remember this? Why don’t I remember that even just a week of eating healthy and exercising can make a huge difference? I decided before spring […] Read the Rest…


rs social

Last night was a spectacular success! It was our Relief Society Christmas Social and, really, I’ve never seen so many sisters in the gym at one time. I know there’s another name for the gym . . . what is it? Cultural Hall? Months ago we had started planing this event and talked about President […] Read the Rest…