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I got a lot done yesterday, even though it doesn’t show much. First of all I slept in Saturday morning until 9:00! It has been an overwhelmingly busy, straining, crazy two weeks. At work we cleaned 20 rooms from top to bottom in eight work days. I have shampooed so many carpets that my right […] Read the Rest…



I’m sitting here in the ice-cold basement trying to think of anything worthwhile to write about. I’ve read Tracy, Jess, Kat, and Jenn’s posts, Segullah, Time and Seasons, facebook, and written a few emails. I’ve thought for days of what I could write about that wouldn’t have anything to do with all of my recent […] Read the Rest…



Can I just apologize to everyone for not catching the weigh/weight typos I’ve had over the past four years. According to one dear sweet lady, I have misused it/them over 500 times. I say stupid things like “I don’t want to weight less than 140.” — something I wrote in a recent post. Why do […] Read the Rest…

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