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sheesh, this place looks familiar. have i been here before?

Alrighty then! I’ve reached the point where I’m totally disgusted with myself . . again. It happens several times a year. And I’ve actually been ‘here’ for at least a month. When the kids were home for Christmas I was feeling like I needed to get moving and get motivated right away but it actually […] Read the Rest…



I need to ride a bike. I mean really. I bought a bike a couple of years ago, [This picture is at least four years old because I think Fisher looks 3 and now he’s 7!] but I have a flat tire on the back and need to get it fixed. It’s not just flat, […] Read the Rest…



My weight. Still not ready to talk about it yet. I’m going to get there, don’t you worry. I had about thirty-sixty-two ah-hah moments in the last couple of days and someday I’ll share those but for now, I’m a little overwhelmed with these ten pounds. They feel [and look] like twenty because I haven’t exercised […] Read the Rest…