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oh my world GRL 2015

I’ve been home a week now and I’m just putting in my last batch of laundry seven days later. As I emptied the pockets of my black and dark green Columbia rain jacket, I could still smell the bonfire and imagine the kids with marshmallows sitting around on logs and camp chairs. I recalled the […] Read the Rest…


it’s conference sunday

. . .and I really do have so much to be grateful for. I’ve spent months on end feeling sorry for myself, thinking I am going to lose a daughter. Thinking how unfair and hard life is. Thinking I have little to be happy about. But, seriously!  . . . . . When I start […] Read the Rest…


high on being high

It’s got to have been one of the most spiritual moments of my life! Saturday at the Idaho Falls Temple was a one-of-a-kind kind of day. What made it special? Well, Chris Hale took out her own endowment. [I don’t know why it is called that . . . that’s is such an odd phrase.] There […] Read the Rest…