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two weeks at a glance

My goodness! It’s seriously been since forever!!!! So many things to catch up. As you know, I hesitate to write about successes at weight loss and eating healthier because It seems like the minute I do . . . I go on some hellorrific binge. Wait. Is that a word? I might have meant horrific, […] Read the Rest…


today’s the day

I’ll be set apart as first counselor in the Stake Relief Society Presidency. Looking forward to serving with some awesome ladies: Lynn Arnel Amy Jensen Dar Batt Also looking forward to learning and growing in a new direction! Thank you, Heavenly Father for this new season. Oh, wait, but the most important part of today […] Read the Rest…



What a great couple of days! I seriously think it’s the 21-day Meditation Challenge. Gee, I wish I had those words right in front of me to read every single day. I listen to them but it’s not the same as reading . . . for me. I need all the sensory fields I can […] Read the Rest…