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u turn

And just like that . . . my focus is changed! “Don’t be gloomy. Do not dwell on unkind things. Stop seeking out the storms and enjoy more fully the sunlight. Even if you are not happy, put a smile on your face. ‘Accentuate the positive.’ Look a little deeper for the good. Go forward […] Read the Rest…


om bhavam namah

Oh, my goodness. I am at peace. I feel so full and warm and radiant. It is because of something I just did for myself. Sidenote: It is cold outside. Windy. I mean 50-70 mph wind gusts. It is yellow and cloudy and dreary and barren. It is depressing out there. Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous. […] Read the Rest…


this response

. . . from my adorable friend, Karen, whose husband, Paul, died about twenty years ago. [In response to my previous post . . ] But…if you eat alone, you get to eat all of it yourself. And I get both pillows. Seriously, it has been a great day. I don’t want to seem insensitive […] Read the Rest…