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one birth, one child, one season, one reason

It took me a long time to get things together this year, but I can finally say I’ve got the house decorated. This is one of my favorites. [See the three people standing in for the ‘i’.] I don’t have one thing under the tree yet, but that will all happen in good time. Mikelle and […] Read the Rest…



Oh my goodness! It’s been more than a week. I’ve been totally occupied with Make it for Maggie, visiting with Gibbs, Mikelle and Logan, Tracy and her family and Camille and her two youngest girls. I’ve gotten a shot in the arm, a kick in the butt and a push in the right direction. How? […] Read the Rest…


laundry day, 2010

I’m just catching up. I tend to do that. The four-day school week is kicking my butt, so by the time I work 10 hours, drive a bus and score, I hardly have time to post, too. Plus the fact that I’m obviously not writing about my monumental weight-loss strategies and successes cuts down on […] Read the Rest…