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Last Wednesday we had a 12-12-12 Snack Day at work. One of the teachers thought it would be fun to have a place set up in the conference room and have new snacks brought in every class period. There had been a sign up sheet in the teacher’s lounge for a week and it filled […] Read the Rest…


living cliche

I talked to Scott the other day and he has a point. Believe me. I’ve thought the same thing a dozen times. He says that I really should quit this whole blogging business and starting writing my memoirs. He pointed out that we never know when it’ll be too late to get all that down […] Read the Rest…



My weight. Still not ready to talk about it yet. I’m going to get there, don’t you worry. I had about thirty-sixty-two ah-hah moments in the last couple of days and someday I’ll share those but for now, I’m a little overwhelmed with these ten pounds. They feel [and look] like twenty because I haven’t exercised […] Read the Rest…