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I’m getting to the point that it’s too much for me! I can’t keep track of anything and I’m getting discouraged. I have to call Trace pretty much every day or two and ask her to help me figure out my password and/or user name on eleven-teen different sites. Then, she figures it out, emails […] Read the Rest…



I’ve been trying to think of the perfect name for Richard and Tracy. Something that says exactly what Richard is good at. Something that would let the hearer know exactly what he’s all about. Something to let people with autistic or behaviorally challenged kids to know they are, not only safe with Richard, but also […] Read the Rest…



I am posting that number, not because I’m proud of it, but because I need to see it in print. I need to see that I have, once again, settled for something less than my goal. Less than what I feel good about. I don’t like being here but it’s my current reality. And I’m […] Read the Rest…