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for screening out loud!

There is absolutely nothing keeping me from blogging. I just don’t do it. I don’t make time for it. Sheesh! I think one reason is that there is so much media readily available: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, emails, iPhones, texting, messaging, face-timing . . . so much, that actually stopping, sitting down, gathering my thoughts and […] Read the Rest…



I got a lot done yesterday, even though it doesn’t show much. First of all I slept in Saturday morning until 9:00! It has been an overwhelmingly busy, straining, crazy two weeks. At work we cleaned 20 rooms from top to bottom in eight work days. I have shampooed so many carpets that my right […] Read the Rest…



Phoneless. Again. Uggg! Dang it. I came home on Monday and thatched the heck out of my yard. I got eleven huge grass-catchers full of dead dry itchy smothering grass out of the lawn. And being the totally responsible person that I am, I took off all my clothes on the back porch, [yep, butt […] Read the Rest…