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dear luna

I’ve been on a quest to write to those who have made a difference in my life, and to thank them for that change. You, Luna, are right up there at the top of the list. It seems as long as I can remember I’ve loved finding you every night. I love following all your […] Read the Rest…


terrible, thanks for asking

I’m good. People always ask how I’m doing. I always answer, I’m good. I’m fine. Sometimes I even border on great and an occasional excellent, but mostly, I’m good. I was just in Walmart. Ledah and Jud asked me and I answered, and then elaborated about my oxygen. Look! I’m off oxy! I’ve been at […] Read the Rest…



There have been several times I’ve experienced a prompting and questioned whether or not it was, in fact, from God. I’ve then questioned, was that just my own thought, or was it really something?… and I’ve often dismissed the feeling. Enter, the parable of the Bing. You know, that little feeling, a little high-pitched low-decibel […] Read the Rest…